Cryopen Treatment

CryoPen is a simple procedure for the removal of skin lesions and imperfections in a fast painless fashion without the need for injection


Starting at £80


 How long does the procedure take?

Please allow 30 to 45 minutes for your treatment

how long does it take to heal?

2 weeks (occasionally up to 4 weeks)

Downtime needed

Immediate return to normal activities, 2-4 weeks healing time

What is CryoPen?

The Cryopen™ offers fast, painless removal of benign skin lesions by using cold therapy to freeze the lesion off, also known as Cryotherapy or Cryosurgery. The precision pen-like device delivers an ultra-cold jet of high-pressure liquefied nitrous oxide (N2O) to destroy warts, skin tags, age spots, milia, and any other epidermal skin lesion without harming the surrounding, healthy tissue.

What areas can be treated with CryoPen?

CryoPen™ can treat anything from sun spots to lesions up to 5 mm in depth.

At Dr. Miriam A’s clinic we treat the following lesions:

  • Freckles or dark, hyper-pigmented lesions
  • Age/liver spots
  • Seborrhoeic Warts
  • Milia
  • Warts – hands & feet
  • Cherry angioma (red blisters)
  • Verrucas
  • Skin tags

What is the cost of the treatment?

Prices start at £80. 

At the consultation, the size and number of lesions will be considered with regard to the final price.

How long does the treatment take?

Your appointment time will be 30-45 mins long, including consultation and treatment time. However, the treatment itself is very quick, lasting 1-2 minutes. This will depend on the surface area and the thickness of the tissue being treated. 

Is Cryopentreatment painful?

No. During the treatment, you will experience a cold sensation, which can build to a feeling of mild discomfort. There may be a little stinging for a few minutes after treatment. Occasionally in some areas, a blister might form, which can be a little tender. 

How does Cryopen™ work?

Cryopen is a quick and effective method of removing lesions such as moles, skin tags or verrucas and can also reduce hyperpigmentation spots such as freckles and sun/liver spots.

The Cryopen™ device allows for precise application of liquid nitrogen (nitrous oxide) to the unwanted tissue. This freezes the intercellular fluid, which causes the cell membrane to break down and destroys the outer epidermal skin tissue without penetrating the deeper tissues. 

What can I expect when I book a CryoPenappointment with Dr Miriam A?

1) Consultation

At consultation, we will discuss your main skin concerns and the treatment options available, including common side effects and possible complications.

If you are safe to have the treatment, we will sign a consent form and proceed.

2) Treatment

At treatment, the cryopen will be applied to the target area, which will freeze the area. You may feel some slight discomfort.

3) Review

Once your wound has healed, we will ask patients to book in for a review to assess the results and determine whether a further session is needed. This usually takes 2 weeks, but can be up to 4 weeks.


What are the risks of CryoPen?

CryoPen Therapy is relatively low-risk treatment and side effects and complications are usually minimal. Some side effects may occur as a result of the treatment.



  • Mild headaches are not uncommon when freezing on the forehead, scalp and temples and can last for 2 hours

  •  Pigment changes: both hypo pigmentation (lightening of the skin) and hyper pigmentation (darkening of the skin). Both generally last a few months but can be longer lasting or can last indefinitely

  • A Blister may appear in the treated area and can last anything from a few hours to a few days, dependent on the area to be treated.

  • Treatments on sites with coarse terminal hair: Hair follicles are easily damaged by cryosurgery and permanent alopecia is not uncommon.

  • Nerve damage: Though rare, damage to nerves is possible, particularly in areas where they lie closer to the surface of the skin, such as the fingers, the wrist, and the area behind the ear.

  • Shards of ice (minor shards of frozen ice may blow out, that will thaw on contact with healthy skin)

Treatment should be avoided if you:

If you are suffering from any of the following medical conditions then you will need to seek advice from your GP first

  • Impaired circulation

  • Superficial nerves

  • Open wounds (treatment area)

  • Skin cancer

  • Hypersensitivity to cold

  • Cardiac disease

Aftercare information

  • Healing takes up to 6 weeks in most cases. But can take up to 6 months in others


  • The area can darken, lighten or turn pink in colour. Skin that has lightened or turned pink in colour can take up to 6 months to re-pigment


  • Please use a sunblock factor 50 on any pigmentation removal until it has re-pigmented, this may take up to eight weeks.
  • The histamine in the area treated will create an itchy sensation for about ten minutes, do not worry it is perfectly normal.


  • The area treated will look inflamed and can also be red.


  • Blistering will more than likely happen. You will have signed the consent form to show that you are aware of this. The blister may last anything from a few hours to a few days depending on the area to be treated. An adhesive dressing such as plaster can be used to cover the area